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We are a group of both active and previously non-active voters who came together after the November, 2016 general election in order to work in unison towards promoting progressive legislation at the local, state and national levels.

We found each other quite by accident and discovered that we weren't alone!  Our group grew from the original 10 women to over 1,000 in fewer than four months.

We have monthly general meetings with speakers or programs addressing the legislative process and political campaigns.  We are not affiliated with any political party or organization, but proudly wear the title of 'Progressive".



Membership: This committee keeps up with our membership information. We make every attempt to maintain an updated distribution list. Works closely with Communications to keep all members linked in to activities and events at Fort Bend CAN. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in addition to a regular e-newsletter.

Outreach: This committee makes a concerted attempt to let like-minded organizations know we are here and to work with them in keeping the community informed. Members also reach out to clubs and groups to introduce them to Fort Bend CAN.

Policy & Legislation: Members of this committee track local, state and national policy and legislation. They report back and make recommendations for action.

Programs & Speakers: We are always on the look out for meaningful programs. Do you have suggestions? Know a powerful speaker?  Let us know!

Candidates and Elections:  This committee will work with the Program Chair to offer educational and informative programs on the election process, all elections and candidates. We will offer a scorecard on all candidates with regard to our issues (determined by the majority of our members).

If you are interested in helping to register voters, please contact the Fort Bend County Elections Office (see our resource page) and become an official voter registrar. Advise us once you are trained and we will help you find opportunities to sign up voters around the county.

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